Student Services

Each autumn, Greater London witnesses an influx of students and young professionals arriving in the city to study or embark upon their chosen career. In many respects, London is a city of opportunity, but while there may be a reasonable supply of jobs and university places for these youngsters, it seems the same cannot be said of accommodation. Indeed, the majority of young people struggle to secure decent and affordable housing, as few landlords and agencies appear willing to take on what they see as a financial risk.

Having little disposable income, students and first-time workers aren’t always regarded as a safe bet and, in extreme cases, are viewed as easy financial targets, with rogue traders disappearing with deposits or placing vulnerable youngsters in accommodation that fails to meet even the most basic of safety requirements.

Here at Powerlets however, we do things differently. We recognise that students make up a distinct group of people, who deserve to be treated fairly and with respect, not left to live in sub-standard or unsafe conditions because they’re young and short of money. We try to provide properties that offer value for money, meet all basic health and safety requirements and participate and advise all our Landlords to participate in government-approved deposit protection schemes.

“...Finding somewhere to live was horrendous at first. We had several viewings and it was so clear we were targets for con artists. We were terrified of being scammed. It’s hard enough as it is for young people trying to get on their feet, without being misled about deposits, bills and repairs. But in the end, we discovered Powerlets and now we’re settled and doing well.”

“...I thought I’d found the ideal home, but it was nothing more than a false promise. I was told that the property would be furnished and inclusive of bills, but it was neither. Worse still, there were electrical wires left hanging everywhere and one day they came into contact with a leak. I couldn’t even get my deposit back. Because you are young, naive and skint, people think you’ll live in a slum. But then I heard about Powerlets and they found me the perfect home within my budget.”